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Shopping for the Best Christmas Gift for Everyone

The struggle is real when it comes to picking out the best Christmas gift for the special people in your life.
You want to make the person feel special and at the same time make sure that you give a gift that will be appreciated by the recipient.

To help you out, here’s a list of gifts that you can give, and to make things lighter for you, we’ve selected one gift per person in your life.

The best gift for mum
If there is anyone in the world that deserves a rockin’ Christmas gift, it’s the person that brought you here in the first place. Our mums raised us and provided for us, and she deserves the best Christmas gift that you can ever give her.

To make your mum happy this Christmas, why not give her a fabulous butterfly sofa; a structured bean bag by ambient lounge®. For someone who loves making a home beautiful, neat and presentable, this unique bean bag sofa is to die for. There are several fabrics to choose from, both for indoor and outdoor. If you want to complete the experience, get a contempo set that comes with a butterfly sofa bean bag, plus a versa table and ottoman, all in the same coloured and styled fabric.
The best gift for dad
Hands up if you’ve run out of ideas for the best dad ever!
For the best man that you know, an Avatar lounger by ambient lounge® is fitting.

With a back rest that recline just enough and a full length support to let dad put his feet up, watching his favourite game on a Friday or Saturday night will now come with a relaxing seat in the house.

Not satisfied with just one Avatar lounger? Check out the Twin Avatar. He might even want to share that lounger with mum!

The best gift for your sister
The best gift for your sister is something everyone, including you, may be jealous of. One of the most unique structured bean bags that you can get is the acoustic sofa by ambient lounge®.

Strapping with amazing fabrics to choose from plus its beyond regular shape, the acoustic lounger makes the perfect accent chair at home or in your sister’s room. The best gift for your brother
Know someone who loves to sit back outdoors or maybe lounge comfortably while playing video games? Your brother might enjoy this Satellite Twin Sofa Bean Bag would let him make the most of every game night or move night.

Big enough to share with a friend or let him hog the space for himself. This indoor-outdoor bean bag sofa is waterproof so you can also skip the worry about difficulty of cleaning due to any drink spillage or stains of food. The best gift for your best friend The person who has your back deserves something good! If you were to pick the best gift for a best friend, one of the things that you can get is a very comfy, lush and soft throw by ambient lounge®.
Choose from a variety of styles that stand out from any other throw or blanket that you’ve ever seen. Choose from a selection of wool, cashmere or faux fur! The best gift for your dog or the best gift for your cat
Other people may find it odd to give presents to pets but they’ll never understand the bond between you and your favourite four-legged furball.

Apart from luxurious soft furniture, ambient lounge® also brings you must-have items for your beloved dogs and cats!

For the perfect gift for your dog or your cat, choose from chew-resistant dog beds, hoodie cat bed, cooling pet beds, chew toys or even stainless steel dog bowls.

That’s a wrap!
There are more luxury Christmas gift ideas that you can get when you shop at ambient lounge®. After all, who doesn’t want to receive the gift of surreal comfort that comes in different designer pieces?

Didn’t find what you’re looking for?
That’s not a problem! Chat with one of our live crew and we’d love to help you finish your Christmas shopping ASAP!

You can always check out over 50,000 photos on Instagram to see thousands of people and furbabies loving their ambient lounge® stuff!

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