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Stylish, lightweight and waterproof, Ambient Lounge's versatile outdoor furniture makes an ideal companion for countryside disconnection...

The name alone suggests the sheer brilliance of Ambient Lounge‘s original premium beanbag. Shaping the future of living room and outdoor furniture, Evolution—imbibed with the essence of progressive forward-thinking—brought upon its own transformation of the humble beanbag; a mix of commercial grade soft furniture, luxury and structure forming the basis of a comfortable and functional collection of seating and lounging. Mehr anzeigen
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Throw yourself into a world of extreme comfort and hygge, as Ambient Lounge unveil a duo of luxury throws you won't be able to resist...

As those of us in the Northern Hemisphere enter the third and final month of meteorological winter, there are tiny differences in temperature and light. Although they may not be much, they’re enough to have us looking forward to springtime; the blooming of flowers, spurting plant growth, and longer days. Mehr anzeigen
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Style and comfort needn't be mutually exclusive in contemporary city living...

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Indoor-outdoor living: the aspiration, the lifestyle dream. Incorporating the best of both worlds into one space, it is the ability to transition between the two without having to change a thing; a concept Australian contemporary furniture designers Ambient Lounge know more than a little about. For Aussies, it’s a way of life, whilst for others it is a lifestyle many are striving to attain; more so in times when disconnection is of spiralling significance. Mehr anzeigen
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