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Q: "Can Ambient Lounge make me something special for my Project?"

You bet we can. If you're a designer or architect looking to wow quality-focused clients - we'd love to hear from you...

 Designer all-weather Ambient Loungers that are tactile and beautiful
It's the attention to details that count. If your project has the scope - we've got the means. Ambient Lounge® are global evolutioneers of designer soft furniture – fusing modern lifestyles  and aesthetics within the comforts of bean bags. Structure, form, innovation and style that compliments your beautiful high-end interiors and outdoor spaces. 
We are the only UK brand and “bean bag” company that custom make OUR OWN custom commercial grade interior FR fabrics from scratch – from complex open weaves to high end and tactile all-weather materials. Ambient Lounge add thick quilting and our unique complicated internal elastic systems that provide the stability & structure that defies the old school perceptions of a bean bag.
The proof is not only in the sitting and the looking … but our proud record of supplying the UK design industry. We are customer focused and (like you) led by design and innovation – so our team only take on design projects within a reasonable scope that can produce a magical result. Talk to us about your needs – you might be surprised about what we can do and the results will keep you and your customers smiling.
Team up with us for your projects and you can rest easy it will be delivered as promised – or even better.
Please email your design project to: info@ambientlounge.eu
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