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self isolation & our pets. caring for dogs & cats during this coronavirus crisis ... or do they care for us?

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Though the recent coronavirus has condemned us to our homes almost 24/7 …. Is this paradise for our pets?

That’s right, humans all day, everyday. Humans when they wake. Humans when they sleep. Extra pats & attention. No more waiting at the door or going hungry during long days. Being pet owners, it’s important to find a way on how to personally cope with everything that’s happening. This includes learning how we can take good care of our pets during this time - and our good old dogs & cats might just be an integral part of our own mental health therapy.

Here’s a few facts and hints to all of us owners:

Be careful of misinformation ... our animals are safe:

Let’s be clear right off the bat. The World Health Organization says that "there is no evidence that companion animals/pets such as dogs or cats can be infected with the new Covid19 coronavirus.” This is the crucial fact that all pet owners should know. So, though it may look very cute, please don’t start putting masks on your pets when going outside. This might give them a hard time breathing freely & may stress them out.

Practice good hygiene (animal and human):

Even if our pets cannot be infected, we must take extra precaution ourselves.

Because all animals can carry germs that can make people sick (and susceptible to the virus), it’s always a good idea to practice healthy habits around our pets. Be extremely hygienic. Owners should wash their hands with soap and water after touching their pets.

Pay close attention to your pet’s hygiene, too. Make sure they have a well-kept bed, clean fur, short nails, and clean ears. Bathe your dog or cat more frequently than you normally would. Once a week baths should now turn into two or three bubbly ones. If you want to be extra careful, you can also quickly clean their paws with antiseptic wipes after a walk outside.

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Upkeep a healthy pet wellbeing

We should take care of our pets just like how we would take care of ourselves and the rest of our family.

If you need to stock up on supplies good for days, make sure you get enough stuff for your pets, too. This includes pet food, vitamins, treats (if your pet needs it), wee pads, kitty litters, etc. Just like us humans, they need to be kept in tip top shape so they are not prone to any sicknesses. We need to include our pets in our preparedness plans and see to it that all their daily needs are attended. On the flip side, be careful not to overfeed them (especially with treats) - and try and keep them as active as possible.

Take socially-distanced walks with dogs:

Great for the dog and probably the best way to stay sane ourselves! .... Bring your dogs out for walks frequently so they can exercise, get some sunshine, and breathe some fresh air. This is especially important if they are accustomed to having these outdoor activities regularly. A sudden halt in routine could make the dog anxious.

Of course, all of these need to be done while strictly observing human social distancing rules. Take them to a place with vast paces like a large park or even out bush. Keep them on a leash so they can’t drag you over to others and endanger your health. It is also advised to keep your dogs from interacting with other animals as of now. (So it’s really gonna be just your family and your pets for a while!)

Hug them tightly and shower them with love:

This might be as much for you as it is for them right now. We could all use this in a crisis. Animals can also sense when their environment is changing, and it’s no surprise that your pet might feel a little bit weird right now.

While they are enjoying this time with you, they can worry. Embrace your pets, play with them. If you’re a cat owner, do some activities with your cat or give them a toy to play with. This helps them know that they are appreciated and loved, and also helps us humans stay entertained while there is no sport on TV.

Pets play a vital psycho-psychological role for their owners, especially now when everybody's feeling isolated and anxious. It is really, really good for our health and reduces our stress to be around them.

Finally, make sure they get proper, quality rest

There will be an overload of activity going on in the household these days. Be conscious that your pets need sleep - and lots of it! Sleep is essential for both you and your loved pets. They love napping majority of the day — with dogs averaging 12-15 hours, let’s not even get started on cats! So let them enjoy these little luxuries and marvel at how they can just pass time and be content. Our best furry friends got our backs 100%, and it doesn’t take much to return the favor.

Ambient Lounge® luxury pet beds are made with a removable faux fur cover to ensure washing (and therefore) proper hygiene. The premium filling is also non allergenic & anti-bacterial. These beds are uber-comfortable and both dogs and cats love them. They are suitable for both indoors and outdoors - so you can place them on a balcony or backyard. Perfect for lazy days and work from home sessions with your buddy.

We're here to help EU relax at home - and reduce anxiety in tough times. If you need advice on buying ambient lounges® for your home (human or pet) please feel free to live chat us or call on +4917641504956  - we'll be happy to help. Throughout the Covid19 crisis we will have good quantities of stock and can deliver most orders within 3-5 days, anywhere in EU.




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