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why cavoodles are becoming european's most loved & owned urban dog

In the last decade, Cavoodles have fast become the most popular breed of dog in urban Europe .. and there are clear reasons why.

“Cavoodles are just like little teddy bears, people take them everywhere,” Sydney Cavoodles’ owner Kelly Vella told the Sydney Telegraph “They’re really smart, they don’t shed hair and I even know a few that have been trained to wake up the kids when the alarm goes off,”

Cavoodles are simply adorable to kids and adults alike. They are ultra-comfortable with people and incredibly social dogs who fit in well into apartment living and smaller inner-city houses ... where most of the European population lives.

Globally, ambient lounge luxury beds have been favorites of Cavoodles - who can sleep up to 12 hours per day. They gravitate to the high quality faux fur and love the sheer comfort of the bead filling. Even if your cavoodle is a little "naughty" biting isn't an issue with the waterproof and chew resistant base and washable cover.

Don't take our word for it ... pictures tell the story about how much European Cavoodles love ambient lounge luxury pet beds. Their happy faces when they snuggle into the bed are just so cute that its hard to resist sharing.

Cavoodle sizes and choosing the right bed:

The size of a Cavoodle puppy can normally be classed into two main categories; depending on which breed of Poodle they come from. Toy Poodles result in Cavoodles that range from 28 – 35cm when fully grown, while Miniature Poodles breed Cavoodles that stand slightly higher (33 – 45cm). This height difference isn’t super significant. Whilst most Cavoodles can fit onto a small sized ambient lounge bed, we would normally recommend a medium sized luxury bed for a cavoodles or even two cavoodles that like to snuggle & share.

The reason being is that they love the extra space and security around them to sink inside the bed. As a Cavoodle owner you might notice that when they curl up in spaces such as between your legs or between two people on a couch.

For more advice on your bed and whats best for your Cavoodle, please feel free to call us on +4917641504956 or live chat our dog-loving ambient lounge team of experts.

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