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how innovative schools care for troubled students.

Growing up in a demanding, fast-paced digital world can be pretty stressful.

As students learn more about who they are – and the pains of adolescence, homework and peer group pressures kick in - they need an escape. Exeter primary school in Tasmania has an innovative solution that has proven popular and successful with teachers, students and parents.

It's called the Green Zone.

Children that are genuinely troubled, unwell or just needing some time-out can spend time in the Green Zone  - where a warm blanket and a cozy ambient lounge Butterfly Sofa bean bag awaits.  It’s here that students and teachers can have their own cathartic space away from the white noise. Plugging in headphones into a deep and eclectic music library and browsing e-books can be just what they need to re-charge the batteries.

This is a glimpse of the future of new-age learning design. School libraries are already rapidly changing from soul-less book warehouses to resemble a relaxed digital study environment, more like a boutique café. Creating an atmosphere where students want to be and are fully motivated to learn is the key.

As schools compete as businesses - it may well be the design difference that sets apart your learning centre from the pack.

If you’re in charge of an Australian school design - our ambient concept team can help with your break out or student resident spaces. For more information on how your school can create a structured, soft lifestyle environment of modern learning; please contact us on 1300 707 121 or

Our Resident Architect Hary Amalan can discuss your school project – your budget and space dimensions - and 3D render an Ambient Lounge concept for your institution.

You may also be surprised how economical higher learning design can be.

Editors note: Ambient Lounge have already supplied over 200 schools and universities globally - including award winning AC collegiate student accommodation throughout the UK.

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