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Dissatified with the ordinary? ... Cubo Co-working spaces get the ambient lounge soft luxury bean bag touch

We absolutely love the mantra of Cubo by Stanton Young - they design incredible co-working spaces for workers that are "dissatisfied with the ordinary”.

That’s also a critical reason why their crew chose to work with the Ambient Lounge team to help create lifestyle enhancing work spaces that "entice millennials and Generation Z alike to Cubo and help attract and retain young entrepreneurs and graduate talent”. Adding structured, tactile, soft, comfy ambient lounge furniture to enhance their beautiful work spaces located in Nottingham, Derby and Sheffield has been a pivotal part of the contemporary co-working concept for the Stanton Young Group. The modern workplace is a far cry from the offices of yesteryear.

Since the rise & rise of co-working spaces (when freelancers and contractors became the norm rather than the exception) its been apparent that employees will choose workplaces not just on compensatory factory but also on emotional, cultural and lifestyle preferences. Putting that simply. Design, vibe + functionality matters.

The days of the old school cubicle have vanished along with the days of the DVD & the fax machine.

Creating a modern co-working space with a difference isn’t just about a desk, location and a fancy coffee machine .. it's about providing an open-air atmosphere, light, greenery & feel good balance to a workplace. Essentially creating a place that people want to get out of bed and go to. This has become even more apparent since the pandemic where private home office spaces has increased the focus on what makes an individual motivated to work - and what they genuinely need around them.

The Stanton Group have nailed it with their Cubo Studios, designated desk or hot desk areas. You only have to walk into one of their spaces to feel the positive energy flowing. Productivity has a new face in 2021.

Individuality, community and creative, cultural expression is celebrated in these spaces and the accents of creature comforts - like ambient lounges in common spaces - mean that the bridge from work-from-home to offices is well occupied by Cubo. Urban- sneaker-wearing, zooming young execs lounging out on a modular sofa personify that.

Ambient Lounge is a 20 year old brand with a global distribution network. Our soft furniture loungers are comfy, cozy, flexible, and lightweight transportable lightweight for B2B and B2C. If you’re creating your own commercial co-working or dream home office - and would like to discuss your concept with the Ambient Lounge team - please email us at info@ambientlounge.eu. Our crew will be in touch.

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