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BBC’s Gardeners Worlds gets an award-winning ‘Hairy’ Makeover

Grand Outdoor Design has been a BBC passion for since the first Gardener’s World TV episode aired way back in 1968. This year Ambient lounge got involved.

Traditionally the BBC showcases creative garden designs within challengingly small spaces - and 2017 was no exception as the outdoor scene rapidly evolves. Each design team were given their standard patch of plain grass to work their magic and the results were often surprising and inspiring. An abundance of local landscape talent was on display from the quirky, to the contemporary functional, the traditional and even the slightly surreal garden experience. Gardening & landscaping certainly isn’t just for the older generations anymore. Outdoor spaces have upgraded into comfortable and beautiful outdoor furniture that blends with timber structures, lush greenery, art and funky feng shui water displays. From rooftop gardens to back yard makeovers the UK’s appetite for the outdoors is catching up to its meditteranean and Aussie counterparts.

Entertainment garden: It’s not about the beard:

We were invited to work with two bearded men in overalls that looked like they came directly from a hipster east London café - namely Monty Richardson and Peter Cowell – affectionately coined “The Hairy Gardeners”. They sent us 3D concept of their vision of an integrated multi-level garden experience where our Butterfly Sofa’s in Sunbrella fabric would provide the softness & respite away from the outdoor dining area

Designing this space for a couple with young children living in the fringe of the city, the Hairy Gardeners transformed the existing concrete jungle into a cool industrial entertainment garden, with simple but aspirational features & functions.

How did they do it? A). Created a semi-private upcycled relaxation area with a floating metal grid platform and hanging fireplace for coziness in winter. This raised deck tastefully featured two Ambient Lounge Sunbrella fabric Butterfly Sofas which invite total relaxation and overlooks the dining area. B) Enhanced the Bar, BBQ & Dining space with a Combination of wood decking & table and an inviting open spaced framed with a timber contemporary structure surrounded by greenery. This area is perfect for entertaining guests C) Mixed in art with a beautiful combination of plants, flower colours and textures that helped accent the multi-layered garden with a friendly & warm mood.

Here in their hipster garden, they gave us an inspiration on how to incorporate soft furniture to any types of outdoor space.

Got a commercial outdoor space and have plans to up-style your outdoor garden? Feel free to email us your project brief to or contact on 0844 029 1111. See more of why our quilted, structured, solution dyed outdoor bean bags are the choice of Hairy Gardeners and global outdoor designers.

About The Hairy Gardeners - They are Monty Richardson and Peter Cowell, award-winning garden designers, specialising in upcycling, and based in Lancashire. For more information please visit

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